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Personalised hand-painted vibrant butterfly mug (Dish washer-safe)

Personalised hand-painted vibrant butterfly mug (Dish washer-safe)

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"Release your own colours and watch the world get painted"

Enjoy the beauty of nature and artistry with our vibrant and full of life hand-painted stoneware mug. This mug is adorned with a stunning array of hand-painted multi-colour butterfly, making every sip a reminder and a delightful journey into discovering your own beautiful touch, creativity and passion.

Craftsmanship with passion: we hand-paint each piece, ensuring no two mugs are alike, making yours a one-of-a-kind work of art.

High-quality mug: crafted from high-quality stoneware that is thermal resistant, and is dishwasher and microwave-safe. This mug is hand-painted with non-toxic paint and hardened at a high temperature so that the paint is durable, and does not come off in the dish washer.

Item dimensions:
Volume: 370 ml
Height: 10 cm

Item care:
- Avoid the use of steel wool in cleaning or any other abrasive materials

Since all our products are handmade, please allow 5-7 days after your purchase before the order is shipped to you safely. Most of our orders are shipped within 4 days. Orders typically arrive 3-5 days after being shipped.


Whether for yourself or someone special, this artistic stoneware mug will add a touch of art and vibrant joy to your life and those around you — order yours today.

   May butterflies always remind us that it`s never too late to experience the beauty of a new creation.


 Please feel free to message us should you have any questions or concerns, we respond fairly quickly.  Thank you for shopping with us!


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